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We build the world’s best technology-focused homes.
Order online and enjoy your dream home in 14 weeks.

The Safest Homes

Our systems monitor your home to provide peace-of-mind security. With hundreds of sensors installed throughout the home, you can feel confident when you’re away.

The Smartest Homes

Our prevention-driven technology will alert you to any changes and preempt problems seen in traditional homes. By measuring energy consumption, regulating a
ir quality, and monitoring pipes, our homes take care of themselves.

Built Stronger

PerfectSpace homes use only the highest quality components with multiple quality assurance checks. We use skilled workers and artificially intelligent bots to optimize efficiency and minimize issues.

Concrete Exterior
Sensor viewed
piping and wiring
Modern Looking

Half the Price

A home shouldn’t require a third or more of your salary. Using efficient manufacturing, bulk-purchasing, and our own custom-built technology, we’re able to build homes in a fraction
of the time and at a fraction of the cost. It’s time to redefine comfortable living.

new homes start at:

2,490 sq ft
3 bed
2.5 bath

Customized by You

Each PerfectSpace model comes with an array of options
 that can make the look and feel of your house more like your dream home. From siding to roofing to flooring,
 all of the key elements of our homes are selectable through our fully-online home builder.

Shop by Model

Customize your house, and purchase it online. Your new home will be move-in ready 14-18 weeks after purchase.

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We'll keep you up to date on all of the exciting new things we have in the works here at PerfectSpace. Stay tuned for some amazing things to come!