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We provide financial services responsibly and immediately. Every single day we focus on helping thousands of people in Kenya to fulfil their dreams. We extend our thanks for your trust.

How it works

1. Download Kilele Loan App

Download our app from google playstore and install it on your mobile.

2. Register

Create your account with us.

3. Receive money on your M-Pesa

Your application will be evaluated and when it is approved, you will receive money on your M-Pesa..

4. Repay on time and build a positive credit history

Timely repayment increases your credit limit and allows you to apply for higher amounts in the future.

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Grow your Business

At Kilele, we believe in people and their potential. We also know that every potential, every spark must sometimes be fed with instant cash so that ideas and needs can be met. That is why we provide financial tools that break the rigid structure of banks and bureaucracy. With us, the decision to grant a loan and support your plans takes place instantly.

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